Cars for Wedding

Beauford wedding car

Recreate the nostalgia of the 1930s in our lovely Beauford 'vintage' 4 door 4 seater open tourer. It has a hood, in case the weather turns nasty!





Red Beauford wedding car

We also have a beautiful burgundy Beauford.







White Rolls Royce wedding car

Our beautiful white Rolls Royce with dark blue tan leather interior fulfills the traditional white wedding dream.






Blue Rolls Royce wedding car

Our dark Seychelles blue Rolls Royce provides luxury transport and a stunning backdrop to highlight the bride’s special dress.






White Mercedes wedding car

Our roomy E-Class Mercedes will comfortably seat four adults plus chauffeur and can also be used as a support car for bridesmaids etc.






Our spacious silver Range Rover Discovery with 7 forward facing full adult size leather seats and easy access side steps can transport up to six wedding guests in air-conditioned comfort and unparalleled luxury.